Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Advice for a new sales person

I was recently asked: "What would you tell a new sales person?" This was my response.

First, realize it is hard work. The real hard work is getting to the point you can see and talk with someone. That is fun. The work part makes the fun part possible. So work!  80% of your time should be finding who to call and trying to get that appointment.

Second, when you finally meet someone, go in to learn. What is their problem? How does that problem impact them? What would make a difference in their lives or world? Then and only then do you inquire if you might be able to help. Go to learn. Be curious.

Finally, learn how to sell yourself while you are being curious. The two skills can be done at the same time. Learn to sell to the unconscious while you are engaging in a conversation to learn about the customer.

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